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EA SPORTS FC 24 "Shawrey" Qualifier



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The Game Safe Festival aims to celebrate all that is great about the world of gaming and encourage parents, professionals who work with children and the gaming community to join the charity in its mission to create a safer online world for young people. The festival is packed with learning opportunities as well as new ways to donate and fundraise for the charity and up to £5k in prizes


Signups for this qualifier are now open. This qualifier will begin on January the 17th at 19:00 (7 pm). Check-in for this qualifier opens at 00:00 (12 am) on the 17th, and closes 15 minutes before the start of the qualifier, at 18:45 (6:45 pm).

  • Qualifier format: 256 player single elimination bracket.
  • Top 8 from this qualifier progress to the Group stage.


Tournament Dates

Qualifiers will be running from January 13th to 18th. Group Stages will be running from January 20th to 28th

  • If you successfully qualify for the Group Stage, you will need to be available on January 27th at 14:00 for this tournament to play. 
  • Tournament check-in will open at the start of each play day. Check-in can be completed by going to Home and clicking Check In at the top of the page.

The Live Finals will be taking place in Nottingham, with travel support included to qualified participants. The Live Finals will be played on February 10th to 11th.



  • Players must have read and understood the Game Safe Cup Code of Conduct and the tournament specific Rules.
  • You require a Game Safe Cup account to participate in this qualifier. You can sign-up here.
  • An EA ID is required to be assosciated with your Game Safe Cup account to complete you qualifier sign-up. This can be added here.

You can find more assistance and get support via our Support page. It is advised that all participants join our Game Safe Discord server.